Smart Fitting Mirror

Cloudream · Smart Fitting Mirror is equipped with the most accurate 3D human body scanning and restoration technology at present. A user only needs to stand in front of the mirror, and then a 3D image on the user wearing a new garment will be displayed automatically. Also, the user is able to change the style at will. In addition, it can get the preferences of customers, and raise a recommendation on garment matching intelligently, bringing a wonderful shopping experience for users.

Functions of Cloudream · Smart Fitting Mirror

Advertising in the Mode of Standby

Virtual Fitting

Scanning and Modeling

Quick Purchasing

Image Adjustment

Marketing Activity


Core Value

B End

Retail Terminal

·  Lower shop decoration cost/increase the time of customers staying in the shop/
   improve fitting efficiency
·  Increase the area effectiveness of a shop/increase the transaction and conversion rate
·  Reduce the labor cost

Branding Company

·  Determine the procurement by sales/reduce the expense of store expansion
·  Reduce the inventory turnover/reduce the cost of customer development

Commercial Real Estate

·  Gather customers and guide customer flows/fulfill an accurate marketing/

newly add multiple operation points

·  Improve the shopping experience

C End

Simplify Fitting Flows

·  Simple fitting/ 3-second garment changing/virtual imaging

Improve Shopping Experience

·  Face recognition and smart recommendation/rich dress collocation
·  Various interesting virtual scenes

Purchase at Anytime and Anywhere

·  Fitting on the mobile phone/full-scene fitting/scanning and fitting
·  Convenient on-line and off-line shopping

More Products


Cloudream · Smart Split-type Fitting Mirror 

It is divided into a portrait collection scanner and a fitting equipment, featuring more flexible installation &deployment, and lower cost

Face recognition: face analysis and initiative recommendation

Goods recognition: RFID automatic recognition

Smart Fitting Mirror (Kids)

Small mirror body, and cute interface design, meeting the usage requirements of children.


3D Smart Anthropometric Room

The Cloudream · 3D smart anthropometric room is a new type of full-dimensional anthropometric device, being able to accurately measure 32 items of anthropometric data and providing a smart high-end garment customization service.


Fashionable and Private

It features a fashionable appearance, and the sliding door designed guarantees the privacy of each experience

Small and Flexible 

It only occupies a small area, less than 4 square meters and is able to be installed conveniently

3D model in the proportion of 1:1 with a real person

Detailed Data 

32 items of anthropometric data, accurate to 1-2cm



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